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Here’s what ruined my low carb diet… and how I got back on track…

SmarterLowCarb.com will help you know the secrets to losing your excess fat and keep it off. I’ve seen too many people (myself included) lose a considerable amount of weight (I lost 70 lbs) but after a while, something stressful happens (I lost my job) or simply being around friends that are always eating high carb foods… sound familiar?

The fact is that a low carb diet is a great way to automatically have your body switch from burning glucose (what most foods turn into) and instead burn stored fat for energy.


  • Your body is used to having easy energy (sugar/glucose) so the first day or so, but then you’ll feel GREAT!

Once your body has a steady source of energy (switches to burning fat) you’ll suddenly lose your cravings and even your appetite! This will make losing weight MUCH easier – BUT you MUST be COMPLETELY off carbs for a minimum of 2 DAYS! Remember you can have all the chicken, steaks, fish, bacon and eggs etc. you want… just stop all carbs (even gum, throat drops etc.)

  • You think you won’t be able to live like this forever (no pizza, cake etc. ever again?) YOU WON’T HAVE TO!

THE GOOD NEWS: You won’t have to eat low-carb forever… That’s why I started this site. Over the years I’ve found tricks, products and recipes to make it easier to lose your excess weight while eating more of the foods you’ll want.

Once you’ve burned the excess fat (which will be easier once you read through my articles) you’ll know so many tricks that you’ll be able to have any food you crave (you’ll simply be craving less often). But when you are in a difficult situation (at a pizza party for instance), you’ll know what to do: just eat a small amount and add fiber (like with a salad) and if necessary, know that you get back on track by just doing a day or two of ultra low carbs… YOU WILL BE IN CONTROL. In fact, your body will actually tell you eel terrible after eating too many carbs, so it will be second nature to eat for the nutritional value (what your body really craves) rather than just for reducing cravings (which you’ll stop having if you eat right).

The purpose of this site is to help people learn the secrets I’ve learned over the years that have permitted me to lose weight while still eating more of the foods I want. Simply try following my advice – realizing that it usually takes 21 days to develop a new habit – and know that I only recommend things that have worked for me – but know that I am an associate of Amazon and use the little they pay for referrals to offset my time I spend researching and writing these articles.

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