What’s Missing In ALL Diets

Our body is made to repair itself IF it has the all nutrients it needs… most foods people eat don’t! Even if you buy all organic foods! That’s because today’s soil just doesn’t have all the minerals and nutrients it used to…

Combine this with our bad eating habits: Eating wheat (gluten) which our bodies can’t fully digest, drinking carbonated beverages and taking anti-acids (all of which dilutes the needed acids that break down food) – over time, these undigested foods rot, ferment and produces toxins that tears holes in our gut (bloating and leaky gut) which eventually enters our bloodstream – causing inflammation and many other problems which is thought to be the cause of many chronic diseases.

So what’s the solution? YOU MUST SUPPLEMENT! Here are the ones I recommend: (full disclosure: Amazon does pay an advertising commission if you order what I recommend) This helps me keep this site going, so thanks for buying through my link.

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