Low Carb “Pasta”: 45 Cal’s VS 700 Cal’s

The Solution To PASTA Addiction!

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If you LOVE pasta as much as I do, you know that it’s the one thing that can completely ruin your low carb diet. Fortunately, I’ve discovered an alternative that not only is low carb, but an entire plate has only 45 calories (compared to 700!).

You might have heard about zucchini pasta before and thought… “that can’t really taste like pasta”… Well, you’re right… It actually tastes BETTER (and saves you 650 calories/plate!).

Just follow these few simple steps.

1. Use the right spiral slicer.

2. If you can’t find organic zucchinis (or don’t like the green peel), use a potato peeler first: (which comes with this special spiral slicer!)

3. Next, splash a little low sodium soy sauce (or olive oil) into a pan and add a sliced tomato, mushrooms, onions, garlic powder, etc. (or your favorite spaghetti sauce), pre-cooked meatballs (I like the turkey ones), etc. .

4. Stir fry for about 1 minute and mix-in the “pasta”. Stir fry it together for about a minute or so (DON’T OVERCOOK!)

5. Put it all on a plate and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese (optional) and there you have it!!! An EASY Pasta alternative in 5 minutes!

Save 650 calories every time you have a plate!!!

And it fills you up like you won’t believe!

One large zucchini = one plate of pasta!

P.S. Make sure you buy straight, large zucchinis.

LASTLY… You can also make AMAZING salads with most of the same ingredients – just add a little lemon juice or vinegar!


Here is the zucchini pasta spiralizer I recommend:

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One comment on “Low Carb “Pasta”: 45 Cal’s VS 700 Cal’s
  1. George says:

    This is AMAZING! The main reason I couldn’t lose weight was because I was addicted to pasta (it made me hungrier!).

    Zucchini pasta (especially the thin ones) have the same mouth feel and texture, plus it has the fiber I needed to fill me up for hours!

    Since the zucchini absorbs all the flavors of whatever I put on it, I just put all the low carb stuff I love: Parmesan cheese, turkey meatballs, etc. and I cut out 700 calories!!!

    Everyone should share this secret!

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