The Fat Switch – Simplified


This college video series explains the “fat switch” concept in a simpler way… in my opinion.

Synopsis: Our over-consumption of sugar (read fructose) is the “switch” that causes us to store fat. Sugar (read fructose) has been found to be just as addictive as alcohol and targets the same pleasure centers, plus,  just like alcohol, it’s causing fatty liver disease! The main reason is because fructose can only be digested by the liver –  so it doesn’t have enough time to deal it – and also process all the other toxic chemicals in our processed foods – so our liver gets clogged and eventually fails!

My solution:

  • Slowly reduce your sugar/fructose intake (sugar is 1/2 fructose).
  • Slowly reduce eating processed foods (almost everything has fructose – it’s labeled 50 different ways.) Eliminate bread, pasta etc. It’s been found that carbs are sometimes converted to fructose – and they’re always converted to FAT if you don’t burn them immediately. So unless you’re about to run a marathon, keep carbs below 50 (unless they have fiber).
  • Start using stevia – it’s a natural sugar substitute (you’ll get used to the taste once your body detoxes).
  • Shorten your eating window to 8 hours (11am to 7pm for instance). Your bodies muscles will run out of glycogen in the middle of the night and will switch to burning it’s own fat. (burn fat while you sleep!)
  • Do some exercise in the morning – Even if it’s just 5 to 15 minutes of jogging in place with a rebounder or on an exercise mat (you’ll be burning mostly FAT!) and rev your metabolism up for hours.
  • Don’t start eating solid food until 11am (or later). You can have a very low calorie smoothie, tea, or better yet, my detox drink.
  • Start taking a multi-vitamin, A separate vitamin D3 and omega 3 (from ground flax seeds) in your smoothie or in my 11am pancake breakfast
  • Buy a good probiotic and take it on an empty stomach. It will stop sugar cravings and heal your gut.
  • Eat more fiber – add a salad to each meal so that the fiber absorbs the fat in the food and sweeps it out of your body along with other toxins.
  • Don’t like some vegetables? Try this superfood drink that saves you from having to buy organic fruits and vegetables (better than juicing!)

Pretty simple stuff – and, although it’s just my suggestions (check with your own doctor), I’m sure you’ll agree that it makes sense – if you’ve watched the video series above… You have watched it – right?


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