2 Minute Detox Exercise For Low Carb Diets

Rebounding for as little as 2 minutes helps your lymphatic system drain toxins from your body!

This is GREAT news! As you know, one of the major problems with losing weight is that your body stores toxins in your fat cells. Well, by simply jogging on a small trampoline like the one shown here, you can wake-up, jog for a few minutes, and know that you’ve helped your body move toxins that have been trapped in your lymphatic system out to your digestive system and out of your body!

If you’re not aware, the Lymphatic system is larger than your cardiovascular system! But, unlike your blood vessels that bring oxygen to your cells with the help of a pump (your heart), the Lymphatic system only works when you MOVE! It’s like a hose that has one-way valves in it, so water only gets out when you shake it.

What’s GREAT about rebounding for people losing weight is that it’s a low impact way to jog and have fun at the same time. I don’t know about you but I think treadmills and stationary bikes are boring… and expensive! Plus, the rebounder I recommend here also comes with resistance bands and a pedometer and even FREE SHIPPING!

Amazingly, rebounders are also a great way to build muscle without lifting weights! Think about it? Every time you jog (or just bounce) every  muscle in your body is fighting gravity. Plus, you work out many more muscles when you’re keeping your balance than with any other exercise – and it’s actually  fun to do even while watching TV, or listening to music, which is what I like to do. Lastly, it’s stores under your bed!

I highly recommend this particular  rebounder because it works great in combination with my DIY detox recipe… So, no matter what the weather is outside… you can exercise for as little as 2 minutes a few times a day and get a great low impact workout that helps you detox at the same time! give it a try and see for yourself.

Get A Rebouder And Start Detoxing While Having FUN!

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