Insomnia Supplement Helps You Lose Weight And Stop Cravings

Magnolia Bark is amazing for insomnia, weight loss and lowering the hunger hormone ghrelin.

You see, the first 5 hours of sleep are VERY important for your body. If you don’t sleep the first 5 hours without interruption, you’ll be hurting your body’s ability to regenerate and most likely wake up hungry.

Magnolia Bark  helps calm you down to get a restful sleep. I use it every night in combination with my feeding cycle of eating only between the hours of 11am and 7pm (although I have a 20 calorie superfood drink in the morning – which I’ll be posting about next.

One interesting fact I learned in my online research on weight loss is that most people that don’t sleep well gain weight!

The reason insomnia makes you gain weight is that it stops your body from tapping it’s fat stores (which your body does naturally when your liver runs out of glucose). Not only that, but it also causes the hunger hormone ghrelin to increase prematurely (it thinks it’s morning).

What’s worse is that studies also show that people that don’t sleep well during the first 5 hours also tend to snack a lot after dinner or worse, eat at night! That makes a lot of sense to me, because your body can’t sleep well if it’s still digesting food. That’s one reason why I stop eating after my 7pm dinner… It gives my body the time it needs to wind down for a good night’s sleep and empty its liver glucose stores so that I’m burning fat all night long!

Another thing that helps you sleep soundly is to make sure you’re not leaving the TV or Radio on! And make sure the room is dark and not overly warm. The body naturally lowers its body temperature during the night.

So start sleeping soundly with  Magnolia Bark and help your body burn fat all night long! I take it every night!


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